Everyone has a story to tell. Tell your story with Storybook.

sb-first-image 2.jpg

The Storybook font is a hand drawn font that’s simple and easy to read but has a warm, organic feel. You can use it in places where you need large amounts of text and feel confident that your work will continue to be casual and easy to read. Your text will warmly accompany your images, art or design without drawing attention away from the focal point of your piece of work.

Storybook is just the right font for projects like:

  • stationery design,
  • book publishing,
  • packaging design,
  • logo design and brand identity,
  • greeting cards,
  • and more!

This font includes multi-language support, including languages in Western, Central, and South Eastern Europe.

Plus, I've also added an assortment of florals and flourishes as a bonus!